African Rainbow Family (ARF) is a non-for-profit charitable organisation that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersexual and queer (LGBTIQ) people of African heritage and the wider Black Asian Minority Ethnic groups.
ARF was established in 2014 by a lesbian in the wake of  some Commonwealth countries in Africa’s toxic and draconian anti-gay laws; persecutions and environment which seek to criminalise LGBTIQs for the preference of whom they choose to love. ARF provides:
  • Support For LGBTIQ Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
  • Campaigning For Global LGBTIQ Equality
  • Stand Against Hate Crimes
  • Support communities who face constant harassment, hate crimes and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences and or gender identity. Contact us if you need support for yourself or someone else. Subscribe to our newsletter here
Our Vision is A World Without Prejudice.
Our Mission: Building A Supportive Community.

We are  lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, from here and abroad.

Created, run and led by people who are affected by the issues we are aiming to change. 

We understand each other, have got together to help each other and say to each other ‘It’s OK to be different’ .

We believe that our experience has given us the insight and empathy needed to support each other.

We are a self-help collective, creating social change through the combination of systematic factors to influence government policies on LGBT+ asylum application claims, network with a diverse social and political organisations in the LGBT+ community.

We remove isolation and support our emotional wellbeing through counselling and other confidence building and empowerment activities.

From nothing and with no money we have developed a national network of over 250 people with branches in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

We heavily rely on volunteers to deliver the crucial and life saving work that we do.

We will continue to help, support and nurture each other until our work is no longer needed.



 To support all marginalised, oppressed and discriminated others.

To increase health and well being of LGBTIQ people seeking asylum and integrate them into the British society and values.

To eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sexual or gender identity.

Ensure in particular; dignity, respect and safety for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people who have immigration issues related to their sexual or gender identity.

Programmes and Services

  •  Signposting to immigration advice and other mainstream services.
  • Organise social events and activities.
  • Offer free counselling.
  • Support LGBTIQ people seeking asylum with no recourse to public fund by subsidising transport fares and other costs such as food. 
  • Support our destitute members with weekly subsistence.
  • Offer hot meals for members.
  • Offer moral and practical supports to people in detention centres. 
  • Offer moral support and evidence in court.
  • Offer buddy support for members to sign at immigration reporting centres.


The need and our beneficiaries:

LGBTIQ+ people. 

No recourse to public funds. 

Social isolation.

Mental health and wellbeing. 

We are ‘experts by experience’ and understand our plights hence able to lead on how to be supported.

Our beneficiaries are LGBTIQ people including those seeking asylum and refuge.

Check out our News section for regular updates.