Digital Battlegrounds: the growing struggle to contest LGBT online spaces

Participation, Power and Social Change Research at IDS

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The meteoric rise in the use of smart phones and the internet over the last ten years, both within the West and in increasing numbers in regions such as South-East Asia and Africa, has brought fresh opportunities by which we can make sense of ourselves as individuals and participate in our communities. There is now recognition amongst politicians and policy actors that these technological advances are shaping public debate in unexpected and interconnected ways.

Nowhere has this transformation been so noticeable and relevant than amongst those sexual minorities building lives in societies whose harsh cultural and legal barriers prevent open expression of non-normative sexualities. For many, lives lived online have become richer, offering resilience and strength in ways impossible on the streets or even within their home.

Opportunities for online growth

The possibilities of social media have facilitated the establishment of discreet and anonymous methods of connecting and…

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My Personal Statement on Human Rights


There are currently 192 United Nations member states, who have adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR). Therefore, human rights are not only ethical principles or logical derivations, but also parts of international and national law (Clapham 2007). Why are human rights important enough to have become approved as laws? I think human rights are important because they are the minimum set of rights needed to enjoy human life, property and culture as free human beings (UN 1948). They make a common basis for assuring human freedom all over the world. Human rights have been created as a first step to ensure equality, freedom and peace in the world (UN 1948). Currently, the value of human rights has become so difficult to understand that we can only recognize their existence when they are violated. Therefore, to increase the value of human rights, we need not only to have laws…

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Exploring Black Female Sexuality & Spirituality

What a piece:

Exploring Black Female Sexuality & Spirituality.