African Rainbow Family: Impact & Learning Report 2020


About this report

This report provides a brief introduction to Manchester Migrant Solidarity (MiSol) and African Rainbow Family (ARF) and an overview of the work the organisations have carried out in 2020. It describes the impact that MiSol/ARF’s work has had on its Members and what has been learned from this.

The report has been written by an independent consultant, Sophie Ahmad, with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. It draws on interviews with MiSol/ARF’s Founder and six of its nine Coordinators/Assistant Coordinators, and on a discussion group with 14 other Members (from MiSol in Manchester and ARF’s four branches in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London).

You can download the report here.

This is the first time that MiSol/ARF have produced an impact and learning report and the first time that Members have been invited to share their perspectives as part of an independent process. It is hoped that this report will be of interest to Members of MiSol/ARF, and their partners and funders. Although this has been a relatively brief, limited, exercise, it is hoped that it will prove useful in informing future approaches to evaluation and learning at both organisations.

We are very grateful to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for commissioning this independent report for us.

By African Rainbow Family

African Rainbow Family is a grassroots registered Charity (Reg Number: 1185902) that supports LGBTIQ people of African heritage including refugees, LGBTIQ people seeking asylum and the wider BAME in the UK. Responding especially, in the wake of the growing toxic anti-gay persecutions they face for their sexual orientation and gender identity.

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