Help us create a world without prejudice: an amazing radical and social justice change environment in the LGBTIQ asylum application process in UK immigration system and fight LGBTIQ inequality globally.

You can donate securely:

£5.60 pays for a group member to attend meetings, workshops, conferences etc in order to reduce isolation.

£8.60 pays for a volunteer expenses to come to a session of support for members and gain work experience themselves.

£30 pays for healthy, hot meals for group members who are destitute

£450 pays for 10 sessions of LGBT+ specific counselling for a member

We can only continue our important work within the LGBTIQ community with your support. Do consider to donate to our work of:

  • Support for LGBTIQ Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
  • Campaigning For Global LGBTIQ Equality
  • Stand Against Hate Crimes
  • Support communities who face constant harassment, hate crimes and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences as well as transphobia.

Please contact us if you have any queries.