Help us create an amazing radical and social justice change environment in the LGBTIQ asylum application process in UK Immigration system and fight LGBTIQ inequality globally.

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African Rainbow Family (ARF) is a non-for-profit organisation that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersexual and queer (LGBTIQ) people of African heritage. It was established in the wake of the toxic and draconian anti-gay laws, persecutions and environment which seek to criminalise LGBTIQs for the preference of whom they choose to love. ARF provides:

  • Support for LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Campaigning For Global LGBTIQ Equality
  • Stand Against Hate Crimes
  • Support communities who face constant harassment, hate crimes and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences as well as transphobia.

We can only continue our important work within the LGBTIQ community with your support.  Please contact us if you have any queries.