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There Is No Pride In Criminalising Love – Pride is Protest

There is no pride in criminalising love. Love is not a crime, repeal Nigeria anti-gay law.

ARF at ManchesterPride
ARF’s members marched in solidarity with all oppressed LGBTIs

Manchester Pride is an annual gay pride festival and parade held each summer in the city of Manchester, England.

Members of African Rainbow Family were in attendance this year and celebrated the event with lots of fun and mixed feelings. We marched with pride as LGBTIs!

However, we remember that some people in nearly 76 countries in the world CANNOT exercise such human rights – their entitlement.

“There is no pride in criminalising love, hence we marched in the pride as protest. No one should suffer for love”.

Pride is protest

Our members marched for all persecuted and oppressed LGBTIs around the world and especially in Nigeria.

Join us to make a change. Sign this petition to repeal Nigeria anti-gay law

By African Rainbow Family

African Rainbow Family is a grassroots registered Charity (Reg Number: 1185902) that supports LGBTIQ people of African heritage including refugees, LGBTIQ people seeking asylum and the wider BAME in the UK. Responding especially, in the wake of the growing toxic anti-gay persecutions they face for their sexual orientation and gender identity.

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