Breaking News – The Petition Is Working!

The petition is working! President Obama told President Buhari that human rights in Nigeria must improve to get USA support. In his trip to Africa last month President Obama was vocal in his support for LGBT equality. Please share the petition now to keep the pressure on in Nigeria!

Aderonke says in this must watch campaign video:
“I am after freedom and safety for all. So I ask that you join me in demanding the repeal of anti same-sex law in Nigeria”.

“My message for Nigerians who think homosexuality is against our religion and culture is:
LGBTs are harmless, they are full of love and compassion. If you are against us, think to yourselves “why?” – we are people, just like you. We want to get on with our lives, just like you. If you don’t like same sex relationships, don’t get into it and don’t criminalise it. It takes all sorts to make a world! she continues.

Friends, share this video and sign my petition to president Muhhamadu repeal Nigerian Anti-Gay is not a crimePeople often forget LGBT Africans because our voices are criminalized, and so are our allies’, which makes our entire existence underground. So much support was shown when the USA legalized same sex marriage, so let’s push for the same in Nigeria! Love should be a beautiful experience, not a death threat.

Aderonke Apata.

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